Collaborating years of experience and their profound knowledge of 3D Design, Mechanical Engineering and Management techniques Alex Tomic and his team stand behind the name of X-PRO.
To have your work simplified by limiting all the outsourcing to one company, and that would be ours, is not only our vision, but also something we make happen on a daily basis.
X-PRO covers all the bases when it comes to your requirements, and an ever increasing list of sattisfied clients gives an account of our expertise and dilligence.
Alex Tomic with his exceptional leadership skills and CAD expertise is the driving force behind X-PRO success, one based on the fact that X-PRO covers all fields in CAD, ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN.
If you think it is expensive to hire an professional, just wait until you hire an Amateur.
Best Product Designer In The World


We are efficient, organized and well-trained team of expert engineers, designers, managers, architects and potent leaders. We do our best in every and each project and we do not expect nothing less when it comes
to feedback from our clients. With locations all around the globe we are offering contracted services to all our clients. The new system of huge companies, made up of freelancers, dominating the market is coming
and we are ready for it!


Our standards are HIGH, we are not delivering a project unless it completely satisfies client requirements or our own STANDARDS. We always go to great lenghts to improve the project itself, suggesting the
client how to improve the project prior to prototyping and production or how to reduce the costs of those operations. To start working with us will be one of your best business decisions ever.


Era of huge freelancer-companies is coming and we already have our seat at the table.
You should choose us for any of your projects because we are determined to make sure you get only the best- High quality engineering, architecture & design services, in accordance with your requirements,
wishes and the budget. With us on board there is no need to worry, everything will be done to our mutual satisfaction.
Meet The Team Leaders
  1. COO - Jennifer Roberts
    Jennifer Roberts
  2. CTO - Jason Parker
    Jason Parker
  3. CFO - Elizabeth Nelson
    Elizabeth Nelson
  4. CEO - Alex Tomic
    Alex Tomic
X-CAD Academy Instructors and our Employees
  1. Anil S
    Anil S
    Architecture marked his life, from high school and first projects in SketchUp to a professional architect employed at X-PRO. With amazing skills in Revit he will bring all your ideas concerning architecture to reality.
  2. Pavlo K
    Pavlo K
    Design, animation and simulation have become his character traits. Pavlo is enthusiatstic about design and special effects. His way of working on the projects is pure art and he is trying to transfer that knowledge and dedication to every and each student in the Academy.
  3. Pablo M
    Pablo M
    Passionate, focused& extremly organized are the main atributes of our AutoCAD instructor. With more than 20 years of experience in AutoCAD, mechanical and architectural world he will lead you to perfection.
  4. Karen H
    Karen H
    When we talk about engineering and highly skilled professionals then karen is the perfectexample , moreover his inventor skills and communication with the students are amazing.