Our prototype development company offers the prototype of mechanical designs, electronic designs so that manufacturing companies can build a highly functional product!

We provide the following prototyping services for our clients
  • Prototyping and manufacturing of electronic design (PCB, PCBA)
  • Prototyping of mechanical components and systems(plastic, metal, sheet plate metal etc..)
  • 3D printing services
3D Printing Services
Our 3D Printing Services take any object that is drawn in any 3D software package and convert it into a solid plastic model. This allows the requirements of customers to turn into a 3D prototype model with the fitting of its parts tested during the prototyping process. As part of our 3D printing service, such a process ensures proper production of a functional final product that is deliverable to the market.
Manufacturing services
The designs have gone through several incarnations, as the process is refined and streamlined into prototypes that need not be one-offs. We have been able to provide a short-run manufacturing service of fully functional production models.
Prototyping and manufacturing of electronic design and mechanical designs (PCB, PCBA)
To reducing the risk of flaws being found in electronic design, manufacturing electronic prototypes can ensure that documentation does not need to be reprinted. To assure fully functional PCB & PCBA, Our services include a number of steps involved in the development of new products, including idea development, concept screening, Cost-benefit analysis, beta testing, and final production.

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